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Ok, so I got inspired by my night-on-the-town with my cousins (for obvious reasons), so much so that I fashioned a collage. Oh no, I’ve turned into a digital scrapbook hag! Anywho, this is a bootleg version of the photo/video collage seen in Common’s Zune commercial. You know, the one featuring Africa Bambaataa and that weird hand-ticking stuff Common does. It looks really cool as he ticks to the beat, you can check the video out here. We ate tapas, and I use the term loosely, at Safari World Tapas Bar, a new restaurant downtown on South Main. The food and drinks were just okay. After Safari, we made our way down to the Rumba Room, also on South Main. I had lots o’ fun.  The drinks were good. Not the best. But I was satisfied with my Mojito. I learned a salsa step or two. I will be back. !Ole!


This is a sketch I thought about using for my logo in the header. Yes, it’s very literal, but then again, I’ve never been one for subtext and abstract thinking. It’s not my school of thought. I don’t really know what my school of thought is. Oh well, more sketches and drawrings *yes drawRings) to come. My lines are cool though. Not too plump, not too light, clumpy, clunky and all that good stuff.


  • Can we just bypass spring and get to summer?
  • March sucked hard boiled eggs!
  • This red velvet heart-shaped cake from Cafe Eclectic is so delicious.
  • I’m ready to start running again. Afterall my Zune is working now.
  • I can’t wait to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • What’s so good about Twitter? Eh…


I LOVE making these wallpapers. I will post a new one each month. Perhaps next time I’ll finish April’s wallpaper by or on the first. There’s an idea. Sure you could get these anywhere on the web or make your own, but I am your friend. Never forget that. If you download my wallpaper and save it to your computer only for a day, I’d be way flattered and would probably leap for joy. Why? Because you are my friend. If you make your own wallpaper and you’d like to exchange, link the wallpaper to my blog, whatever, I will do it. Why? Because … you know why.

Blue Wallpaper

Pink Wallpaper

Yellow Wallpaper

Um, these works best with a 1680X1050 screen resolution. Other sizes will be available soon — friend.


Welcome to all the things I’m passionate about. Well at least as far as music, food, and graphic design go. I have a few more layers worth peeling. But that’s another blog. When I have more to say, you’ll see it here, on the home page.