Ok, so I got inspired by my night-on-the-town with my cousins (for obvious reasons), so much so that I fashioned a collage. Oh no, I’ve turned into a digital scrapbook hag! Anywho, this is a bootleg version of the photo/video collage seen in Common’s Zune commercial. You know, the one featuring Africa Bambaataa and that weird hand-ticking stuff Common does. It looks really cool as he ticks to the beat, you can check the video out here. We ate tapas, and I use the term loosely, at Safari World Tapas Bar, a new restaurant downtown on South Main. The food and drinks were just okay. After Safari, we made our way down to the Rumba Room, also on South Main. I had lots o’ fun.  The drinks were good. Not the best. But I was satisfied with my Mojito. I learned a salsa step or two. I will be back. !Ole!