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Mural by Chicago artist Jeff Zimmerman on Madison Ave, in downtown Memphis.


Poster Design by Kong Wee Pang, Photograhs by Jay Adkins

What a treat this year’s Evergreen Home Tour was. It was my first. I’m definitely excited and anticipating next year’s show of historic homes. Here’s all the homes on this year’s tour and my humble opinion of them (I’m sure y’all care). We started at 1862 Overton Park and then meandered our way to our last stop, which turned out to be the best stop for more than one reason, at 277 Kenilworth. I couldn’t have done a better job, if I tried to plan the sequence. Everything worked out perfectly. There’s a concert following the tour at the Levitt Shell, and as soon as I stop typing this post I’ll be making my way toward Overton Park for music and a pleasant late-April breeze. The Vollintine-Evergreen neighborhood is immensely charming–so glad we moved here. It does Memphis and Midtown proud.

Ok, now off to the Shell.


Facts: Arts and Craft Style / Built in 1912 / Green tile roof with a widow’s walk

What I Loved: There’s an art nouveau map cabinet in this home from the 1800s (I believe) it was the most interesting piece to me. The tour guides were very informative, the house smelled delicious (there were candles burning everywhere), and the interior decoration was done with care.


Facts: Evolving Farmhouse style / Stained concrete floors


Facts: Location of the first commercial business in the neighborhood / One of the first homes built in the Evergreen Historic District

What I Loved: The garden was beautiful.


Facts: Tudor style / Built in 1927 / Adjacent to the Memphis Zoo

What I Loved: This home has a beautiful painted mural in the upstairs bathroom and original pink marble on floor in the entry way.


Facts: Tudor style / Built in 1913 / Working steam boiler

What I Loved: Everything (especially the original wood trim work). This in my opinion was the most beautiful home. Here are a few pictures of the inside of this breathtaking, charismatic home. The purple painting with the big yellow moon rising and firefly glows (it’s about the fourth picture down), that’s my mom’s work, NJ Woods. The painting hangs in the butler’s pantry.







Cool video. Cool artist, Jamie Lidell, this is from his Multiply album. I’m slightly obssessed. Cool animation by


Traffic court–the great equalizer.


Khara said | 3:48 PM: <<My only question: where’s the ledge?>>

You said | 3:49 PM:  <<ALL AROUND>>


Khara said | 2:29 PM <<Ahhhhhhhhhh! Im off the ledge. Both feet this time. Watch me fly! SPLaAAAAAAAt!>>

I’m ok. Just a black eye. Nothing a bag of ice won’t fix.


So. What do you suggest we do to solve this problem?

So, I just threw a small party at my home. I cooked. I panicked (what’s new?). And I music’ed. I drummed up a playlist. Did you get the play on words? Uh-huh. Sure. Where was I? Ah yes, I drummed up a playlist called Cremedredi. That’s cream and friday smashed together in french. I think it sounds cool. I could be way off base. I usually am when it comes to all things cool. Wait.



You’re rambling, dear.

Oh, sorry.

Here’s what I played.


  1. Donny/friend
  2. Jamie Lidell/ another day
  3. Jack Johnson/ banana pancakes
  4. Gina Catalino/ 11:32
  5. Jamie Lidell/ all i want to do
  6. Al Green/ i want to hold your hand
  7. Ingrid Michaelson/ the way i am
  8. Ceelo ft. Nat King Cole/ lushlife
  9. Rahsaan Patterson/ stop breaking my heart
  10. Jack Johnson/ fortunate fool
  11. Santogold/ lights out
  12. Nikka Costa/ pebble to a pearl
  13. Sam Cooke/ having a party
  14. James Morrison/ you make it real
  15. Mark Ronson/ god put a smile on your face
  16. Corrine Bailey Rae/ trouble sleeping
  17. Miles from India/ all blues
  18. Nikka Costa/ without love
  19. Jamie Lidell/ multiply
  20. Adele/ melt my heart to stone

Don’t be freaked out. I talk to myself a lot. A lot.


Khara said | 6:32 PM: <<Im BORED.>>

You said | 7:00 PM:  <<get a life>>

Ouch. Keep ’em coming guys! I love it.


I will begin posting some food and drink recipes shortly. So stay tuned…

Update: Click here.

Can anyone point the way?