So, I just threw a small party at my home. I cooked. I panicked (what’s new?). And I music’ed. I drummed up a playlist. Did you get the play on words? Uh-huh. Sure. Where was I? Ah yes, I drummed up a playlist called Cremedredi. That’s cream and friday smashed together in french. I think it sounds cool. I could be way off base. I usually am when it comes to all things cool. Wait.



You’re rambling, dear.

Oh, sorry.

Here’s what I played.


  1. Donny/friend
  2. Jamie Lidell/ another day
  3. Jack Johnson/ banana pancakes
  4. Gina Catalino/ 11:32
  5. Jamie Lidell/ all i want to do
  6. Al Green/ i want to hold your hand
  7. Ingrid Michaelson/ the way i am
  8. Ceelo ft. Nat King Cole/ lushlife
  9. Rahsaan Patterson/ stop breaking my heart
  10. Jack Johnson/ fortunate fool
  11. Santogold/ lights out
  12. Nikka Costa/ pebble to a pearl
  13. Sam Cooke/ having a party
  14. James Morrison/ you make it real
  15. Mark Ronson/ god put a smile on your face
  16. Corrine Bailey Rae/ trouble sleeping
  17. Miles from India/ all blues
  18. Nikka Costa/ without love
  19. Jamie Lidell/ multiply
  20. Adele/ melt my heart to stone

Don’t be freaked out. I talk to myself a lot. A lot.