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This groove be from Pete Dunaway. I dunno who he is, but this is it. It’s just it.

This is work by Moscow designer Arthur Schreiber. He does a lot of package design for alcohol bottles. I’ve officially been sliced!

arthur schreiber package design samauri vodka


Why don’t you take a look at my new blog: Celebritysoda, here. I’ll post editorial cartoons about celebrities and other pop culture goodies (there may be something about snuggies here) weekly. That is, unless I go on an awesome vacation or discover a new species of plant life. Let me know what you think. Hate it? Love it? Doesn’t matter. I need feedback people!


Banana pudding on the side of Scott Street Tomato House.



To my pleasant surprise, after work I saw these beautiful metal quilts at the corner of Front Street and Adams. They were installed at City Hall a few weeks ago by noted artist and U of M professor, Greeley Myatt (An Urban Art Commission project) to cover up the unsightly air units. Go see them in person, they are striking, and made out of various traffic signs. Go Greeley!


July is burning to be popular. Celebrate it with a 1680X1050 desktop wallpaper from me, on the house. Download this. C’mon, be a man.




Here’s another Zune wallpaper for you weirdos. Including myself of course. Just right click, and the rest is oh, so easy.