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The coasters are here. The coasters are here. I have so much to say. You just wait. Until then… look up. K? Thankers!

Everyone who really knows me, knows I’m a JamieLidell-ophile! You are perfect just the way you are. I need his whole collection, what you call that? Catalog? He’s European so maybe it’s Catalogue. Huh?


I love this mug so much. It is my favorite. We met two years ago in New York at the Guggenheim gift shop. Coffee, tea, cocoa, everything tastes so much better in it. And it fits my fingers, perfect. I’m super territorial, super possesive about this mug, and if anyone dare uses it — whoa, whoa, whoa, there will be problems. It’s mine. Not yours. Get your own favorite mug. I’m the one who washes it and places it ever so carefully back on the shelf in the kitchen cabinet. Me. Yea, sometimes I leave it in the car, but it’s resting comfortably on my floor mats, I assure you. Loveyoubabe.

Let’s bellydance. Supercool, eh? Biensure!

raul opreas portfolio graffiti

Street art from Saddo out of Berlin, Germany. These colors are awesome, engaging.


For you: my Zune wallpaper of the month. Hey, use that right mouse button, click and download. Thank you.


August is suffering from graphic-itis. So take your pick. Will it be the red, blue or green pill? I hope you feel better after downloading these 1680X1050 desktop wallpapers. Get better friend!