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I loooove trees. Aren’t they fascinating? One day, I will buy that field guide I’ve been eyeing at Barnes & Noble for the past two years and keep a journal of all the trees I know, love, and hope to meet. I’ll have a sip of coffee, review my guide and then go trekking. Tree trekking. When’s the last time you hugged a tree?


Swollen Fingers?

Some one grab me a pair of fishnet stockings, a faberge egg and some week-old rattlesnake skins to heal my swollen finger that I shut-up in the car door this morning!

Friends at ArtsMemphis invited me to attend the launch party for their new iPhone and iPod app, sponsored by Iberiabank at the Memphis College of Art (MCA). Too bad I have a Zune! But I love my Zune. Should I get an iPod? I’m feeling strangely inadequate now. After the app launch, everyone wandered, well I did, over to the Levitt Shell for a VIP reception and concert by Carrie Rodriguez. Check this girl out here, a-mazing. Her opening song, not sure of the title, but there’s a line that’s cemented in my head, and I can’t get it out: “You’re a 50’s French movieeeee.” You’ll hear in the KharaokeTube clip below. Since, clever lyrics are becoming more of an engendered species, it makes you appreciate artists like Carrie even more. Just behind the stage in the VIP area, mini ham sandwiches (which I helped myself to more than I’d like to mention), brownies, sweet pineapple and some sort of delicious garlicky hummus dip, that I’d like to swim in some day, when I get enough nerve, awaited everyone and beer of course. It was right-up-my-alley kind of fun. I met some cool people, got lost wandering around the MCA campus in the drizzling rain, and saw some great artwork. Oh the heady combination of art and music, my life would really be dull without it.

No asps were hurt, or seen, while filming these clips.


First time at Minglewood Hall. I had a blast. Cage the Elephant and the Silversun Pickups delivered a truly awesome show. Manchester Orchestra played as well, but I dunno much about em. So whatever. Watch.

Lazy Eye by SSPU was electric. Forgive the caterwauling!

My mom is amazing. She’s smart, talented and oh so sweet. Here’s some pictures from her first group exhibition at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens’ museum. Kiersten Williams, Anthony Lee and TWIN were the other artists featured. I’m really excited and happy for them all.




Anthony Lee, NJ Woods (my mom), and Kiersten Williams.


These rose water peanuts were delicious. I’m eating them now as I type. So there’s plenty of sugar crystals all over the keys. Yum. Way to go Tina.


Photo by Grendlekhan

Headphone Trouble?
from Debi

Now, where can I find some summer sausage, chalk, and a stapler? I’ve got to fix these malfunctioning headphones… STAT!


I was always amazed by MacGyver, his quick thinking, his impossible knowledge. In celebration of the show that stretched  my imagination and suspension of disbelief,  I feel compelled to contribute my own MacGyver like three-word combinations, guaranteed to solve any of life’s ever-present challenges.

Ahem… I figure I need a tea leaf, a brown bobby pin and some red flavored Kool-Aid to cure insomnia!



robert ferrell's lichtenstein piece for art museum

Promotional work from Robert Ferrell for The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Don’t you just love Roy Lichtenstein’s work? He, Andy Warhol, John Wesley and Jasper Johns are some of the most visionary, inspiring modern artists I know. Chuck Close is pretty awesome too, but he’s not considered a pop artist. Just thought I’d throw his name out there.

This happens to be one of my favorite pieces by Roy. Yes, we’re on a first name basis. Kidding. It’s on display at the Brooks Museum of Art, I believe.  Or at least it was.  About a year ago.


Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997)
Seascape (1)
from New York 10 portfolio, 1965
Screenprint on translucent Rowlux, image: 16 x 21 in. (40.64 x 53.34 cm), sheet: 16 x 21 in. (40.64 x 53.34 cm)
Purchase, Washington Gallery of Modern Art Collection, 1968.096
© Estate of Roy Lichtenstein




Went to the Memphis Farmers Market today. This was my second visit. I’m hooked. We bought kale, purple hull peas,  a beautiful flower arrangement, huge tomoatos, and bok choy. I could do this each week.