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My latest visit to Ernestine & Hazel’s last week, went something like, but not entirely, like the photo below. It’d be cool if Debi and I could have a going away party here. Right Dukes (as you suggested)? Good music, cold drinks and beer-flavored donuts. Ummm hmm.



Would you like a desktop calendar for November? Well wood you? I mean, would you? Okay, enough punning around. Here’s a new 1680X1050 woodylicious wallpaper just for you, chipmunk.







I protested and protested. No way was I going to end a pleasant evening of perusing art at this year’s River Arts Fest, by a madcap run to Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken. As if the suggestion to visit a chicken shack on the other side of town wasn’t bad enough, my friends suggested I wash the deep-fried bird down with some Old E. The beer was sure, as they said, to “cut the grease.” Punished for my opposition, I was labeled a meat snob and a beer racist. Wait a minute. Me, a “meat snob”? Beer racist, maybe. But meat snob? Ha! So what, I don’t like souse, and I’ve never eaten potted meat. It’s because I have a fully functioning prefrontal cortex. However, after much grumbling and bemoaning, I yielded to the group’s pressure. They were tough! I was literally arm wrestled into it. By the end of the night my fingers were dripping with red sauce, my gut stuffed with Sweet Spicy Love drumsticks, corn nuggets and yes, Old English. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great suggestion guys!

If you’ve never eaten at Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Spreading the gospel of Phoenix everywhere I go. Man, I love this band.





Now here’s a smart, highly useful idea by Nick and Beau (his brother) Trincia : a portable laptop/work surface/chair.

It’s no secret, I like SSPU. Pro’lly shouldn’t, but I do. Maybe because they remind me of, dare I say,  SP. Sorry, but there’s something quite Billy Corganish going on around 3:09.


We guzzled beer. Great beer. Beer infused with liquid smoke, beer from Brazil, beer so dark, it came with it’s own event horizon. The standouts for me during Raffe’s Beer Garden & Deli beer tasting: Browar Okocim S.A., a.k.a OK beer, and Old Peculier. They were both slightly sweet, which is why I enjoyed them most. Both are definitely keep-in-stock worthy ales. Jared was keen on the Zingu beer and so was our newfound friend and fellow bar patron Jerry or Jeff or something-or-other. I’m sure Zingu’s a great beer, however, I couldn’t really taste it, my tastebuds were still conversatin’ (yup CONVERSATIN’) with the last drop of OK beer. A few empty solo cups later, we were encouraged to try a beer, according to the hostess Kerryn, that tasted “just like beef jerky.” Indeed, it did. I like smoky, and I like meaty, but those two flavors combined with hops? Not so much. To complement our beer flights, we ate food of the Syrian variety: pita bread, hummus, baklava cigars and something that simulated lamb meat. There was a little Syrian entertainment too in the form of a belly dancer named Liz, who balanced a sword on her head and promised to dance with her pet boa constrictor at the next beer tasting. I am so there. Go Liz! Go Jerry! Go Everybody!

*Ok, the video is pretty dark and there’s at least one scene where the dancer is horizontal, cuz I have a crappy movie maker/editor, long story! You get the idea though.


“Am I in Memphis? It doesn’t smell, doesn’t sound, doesn’t look like Memphis,” I wondered, this Friday, as I visited galleries and shops along Broad Avenue for the 4th annual Broad Avenue Arts District Art Walk. I discovered there are a lot of people who live there, work there on Broad. What a cool gig. There was a comic book art show. You know I love the cartoons. I checked out Odessa, finally. I’m definitely going back and staying longer. When I walked inside I was pleasantly greeted by some beautiful work done by artist Brooke Kanther, she’s a student at MCA. I liked the organic, serpentine, look-and-feel of her artwork. After visiting a few more galleries, I wriggled my way into this crowded room that wasn’t quite a library, wasn’t quite someone’s apartment, and wasn’t quite an exhibit space. And it smelled like old books, which I curiously liked.

It’s so refreshing to see the Arts progressing and being supported here. Could we do more? Abso-freaking-lutely. I see the creative class in Memphis is expanding, and I want to be apart of or support it in any way I can. Memphis will, as a result, become a more diverse and less polarized place to live. The kind of city, I could hang out with, show-off to my friends – a trophy city. The kind of city, that would make my ex-boyfriend jealous. The kind of city, I could whoop-and-holler for during its graduation ceremony. The kind of city, I could cut the crust off of its bread, because I loved it so much.

Next year’s Art Walk, you should come with me.

I have pictures and a small video clip. See.


Just in case, you’d like a new wallpaper for your Zune, here it is. Right click. Download.


It’s getting cooler.  Yes, October is bringing its nip. Speaking of nips, the higher up you go, the colder it gets. But of course, you knew that. Now download these  two cosmic 1680X1050 desktop wallpapers for being so darn bright.