We guzzled beer. Great beer. Beer infused with liquid smoke, beer from Brazil, beer so dark, it came with it’s own event horizon. The standouts for me during Raffe’s Beer Garden & Deli beer tasting: Browar Okocim S.A., a.k.a OK beer, and Old Peculier. They were both slightly sweet, which is why I enjoyed them most. Both are definitely keep-in-stock worthy ales. Jared was keen on the Zingu beer and so was our newfound friend and fellow bar patron Jerry or Jeff or something-or-other. I’m sure Zingu’s a great beer, however, I couldn’t really taste it, my tastebuds were still conversatin’ (yup CONVERSATIN’) with the last drop of OK beer. A few empty solo cups later, we were encouraged to try a beer, according to the hostess Kerryn, that tasted “just like beef jerky.” Indeed, it did. I like smoky, and I like meaty, but those two flavors combined with hops? Not so much. To complement our beer flights, we ate food of the Syrian variety: pita bread, hummus, baklava cigars and something that simulated lamb meat. There was a little Syrian entertainment too in the form of a belly dancer named Liz, who balanced a sword on her head and promised to dance with her pet boa constrictor at the next beer tasting. I am so there. Go Liz! Go Jerry! Go Everybody!

*Ok, the video is pretty dark and there’s at least one scene where the dancer is horizontal, cuz I have a crappy movie maker/editor, long story! You get the idea though.