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Awww. Sniff. Sniff. This is the last 1680×1050 desktop calendar wallpaper of the year. This month was inspired by artist du jour Ed Hardy, and those cringe-inducing black velvet clocks you see sold on street corners, usually placed alongside cheap brass framed paintings of Tupac Shakur and dingy zebra-print area rugs. Have some class and download all three or just one. Do whatever you like, just make sure to stick around for 2010’s set. Deal?




The Bond girl with killer pipes, Shirley Bassey.

Flawless live performance full of a haunting call-and-response technique, from a master vocalist.





This is the brainchild of designer/owner Stefan Boubill and architectural firm Lacina Heitler. What once was a musty-dusty abandoned YMCA building, Boubill and company remodeled into a 5-bedroom minimalist inspired living space. It’s hard to imagine this architectural gem used to look like the photo below.


I know. The headline. Right?



So this is how culturally advanced Memphis is: I woke up this morning to a vandalized car, someone scribbled “Ken” on my passenger-side window in chalk, and the icing on the cake, in front of our house, the words “black power” and “A-Town” written in chalk on the side walk. Totally don’t know what “A-Town” meant, not trying to figure it out; but, “black power”? I didn’t notice this sign anywhere else on our heretofore lovely, racially-progressive street. Nothing boils my blood faster than intolerance, racism, and one of the most offensive holidays of them all, All Hallows’ Eve. I’m upset. We mind our business; we try to live a quiet life.  Maybe I’m too upset. I mean, whoever did this is a coward who was obviously in prankster mode and was probably drunk (maybe not). I’m not even sure if this falls under the umbrella of racism. I know other people have more harrowing experiences to tell.

I should just be chill about this. I’m not surprised, after all this is Memphis. So in honor of this stupidity: Ken, I’ve got an idea for next Halloween, why not scribble a noose in front of my door, with yellow chalk. Or a burning cross. That should get the point across. Gosh, I can’t get enough of this great city! Long live Our Blessed Lady Memphis.


How quickly hate, ignorance spreads. This is what awaited me when I returned from the meeting. All of our neigbhors have been passing by this sign and looking at our house. Maybe they think we wrote this.