So this is how culturally advanced Memphis is: I woke up this morning to a vandalized car, someone scribbled “Ken” on my passenger-side window in chalk, and the icing on the cake, in front of our house, the words “black power” and “A-Town” written in chalk on the side walk. Totally don’t know what “A-Town” meant, not trying to figure it out; but, “black power”? I didn’t notice this sign anywhere else on our heretofore lovely, racially-progressive street. Nothing boils my blood faster than intolerance, racism, and one of the most offensive holidays of them all, All Hallows’ Eve. I’m upset. We mind our business; we try to live a quiet life.  Maybe I’m too upset. I mean, whoever did this is a coward who was obviously in prankster mode and was probably drunk (maybe not). I’m not even sure if this falls under the umbrella of racism. I know other people have more harrowing experiences to tell.

I should just be chill about this. I’m not surprised, after all this is Memphis. So in honor of this stupidity: Ken, I’ve got an idea for next Halloween, why not scribble a noose in front of my door, with yellow chalk. Or a burning cross. That should get the point across. Gosh, I can’t get enough of this great city! Long live Our Blessed Lady Memphis.


How quickly hate, ignorance spreads. This is what awaited me when I returned from the meeting. All of our neigbhors have been passing by this sign and looking at our house. Maybe they think we wrote this.