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People Who Died by Johnathan Postal


Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed attending this year’s 5th annual Broad Avenue Art Walk. I began my tour at Odessa and strolled my way up the street weaving in and out of galleries and studios, in a quest for inspiration, wine and something special. I convinced a friend to join me, and I think she enjoyed herself, even though most of the wine was gone by the time we got there. It was totally my fault. Well, not because I drank all of it, but we were 2 hours late. After all, it was my promise of vino that persuaded her to accompany me. Thankfully, by the time we sauntered down to MetalWorks (one of the studios located on Broad Avenue) we were able to satisfy our desire for grape juice as we helped ourselves to the last drops of some unknown Pinot grigio. After our fix, we left MetalWorks and strolled back to the car. Shortly after, the something special happened. As we were leaving my friend noticed the coolest thing at a corner parking lot. A short film “Void” by artist Bela Boyd was projected onto  the side of a brick wall. We decided to stay a bit longer, just long enough to turn onto Merton street, stop the car and shoot this little video clip, so you could see the something special for yourself.

See Project Sketchbook.

Steam heat. Need I write more? No, cause I got nothing. While I search for the right words, why don’t you download both of these 1680X1050 wallpapers, while you’re here. I’ll come up with something cheeky to say later. Here’s hoping!

Yellow mellow!

Orange smornge!