Trepidation aside, my friend and I ventured into the opening reception for James Inscho’s new work: Für, at Material Art Space on Broad Avenue. It was quite a memorable experience. Walking into a room covered in white fur—what a way to start the weekend. The floors, the walls, all covered in fur. Before we entered we were encouraged to slip on a pair of stylish blue medical booties. As soon as my freshly covered feet hit the fur covered floor, moon walking seemed the most obvious choice for me. Of course, shortly after taking in the art on the walls, albeit the fur was a bit distracting, we drank wine and did a little chit-chatting. My friend talked thrift-store speak with a young man who wore an interesting tie. This same young man had earlier chucked at the shocked expressions on our faces when we were told we’d have to slip on the disposable smurf shoes before entering the exhibit.