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It may be snowing outside, but it’s nice and toasty inside! I promise more lowly animated breakfast foods to come. Nom it out ya’ll!


Before my voyage to South Africa, I spent a day in New York with friends. My stay was short but sweet. And I stumbled upon the mecca of all French brasseries stateside, Balthazar Restaurant in SOHO on Spring Street. If you love fresh, simple, yet hearty food inspired by French cuisine, you must stop by. Oh yeah, if you’re a java-lover, the coffee at Cranberry’s was delicious, really creamy and rich.





I protested and protested. No way was I going to end a pleasant evening of perusing art at this year’s River Arts Fest, by a madcap run to Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken. As if the suggestion to visit a chicken shack on the other side of town wasn’t bad enough, my friends suggested I wash the deep-fried bird down with some Old E. The beer was sure, as they said, to “cut the grease.” Punished for my opposition, I was labeled a meat snob and a beer racist. Wait a minute. Me, a “meat snob”? Beer racist, maybe. But meat snob? Ha! So what, I don’t like souse, and I’ve never eaten potted meat. It’s because I have a fully functioning prefrontal cortex. However, after much grumbling and bemoaning, I yielded to the group’s pressure. They were tough! I was literally arm wrestled into it. By the end of the night my fingers were dripping with red sauce, my gut stuffed with Sweet Spicy Love drumsticks, corn nuggets and yes, Old English. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great suggestion guys!

If you’ve never eaten at Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken, tsk, tsk, tsk.


These rose water peanuts were delicious. I’m eating them now as I type. So there’s plenty of sugar crystals all over the keys. Yum. Way to go Tina.


I love this mug so much. It is my favorite. We met two years ago in New York at the Guggenheim gift shop. Coffee, tea, cocoa, everything tastes so much better in it. And it fits my fingers, perfect. I’m super territorial, super possesive about this mug, and if anyone dare uses it — whoa, whoa, whoa, there will be problems. It’s mine. Not yours. Get your own favorite mug. I’m the one who washes it and places it ever so carefully back on the shelf in the kitchen cabinet. Me. Yea, sometimes I leave it in the car, but it’s resting comfortably on my floor mats, I assure you. Loveyoubabe.

A few pictures from my outing last week at Flight Restaurant, Wine Bar in downtown Memphis. The concept behind Flight restaurant is inspired by tasting flights, where the taster gets a sampling of various wines to evaluate, examine for the purpose of sampling and comparison. At Flight, this sampling is extended to the appetizers (salad, soup), and entrees (fish, foul, etc.) as well.

What I Ordered (My Favorites in Bold)

The flight of french wines called A SANTE’ ($9.00), which included:

  • RONCIER N/V Pinot Noir-Burgundy, France
  • CHATEAU DAMASE Bordeaux Superior, France
  • FAT BASTARD Syrah, France

The flight of Salad ($9.00), which included:


The flight of fresh fish ($29.00), which included:


The food was fresh, delicious, and I will definitely be back for more. Next I’ll try dessert, if I can afford it. Eh.


I will begin posting some food and drink recipes shortly. So stay tuned…

Update: Click here.