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The Mississippi is uniquely Southern. So this observation I overhead from a Northerner discussing Southern accents seems appropriate in light of the Mississippi’s recent uprising. Here’s to the river and to the southern accent.

Mom’s words, my design.

Sketchbooks are awesome. Most times for me, they’re filled with graphics. And sometimes they’re filled with lines. Like this verbal doodle I found in an old sketchbook I hadn’t opened in years (well maybe like six months): Sometimes when I get lonely, I email myself. Eh, it’s pretty funny to me. It’s true you know. I’ve done that. At least once. Once upon a time I thought it’d be a good idea to write this comic strip about a girl who lives in a building called the LGC. Yup. The LGC. Brilliant, I know. Perhaps you are forming your own ideas about what these initials stand for. Lonely Girl Complex. Loony Gals Co-Op. Or how ’bout Large Gem Connoisseur? I dunno. Lemme stop.

Anyhoo, if I find more verbal ink splats, I will share them. Not because anyone cares. This blog has lots of readers, 99.25% of which are spambots. But I don’t discriminate. Besides, sharing is what I do. And if nothing else, this blog is like one huge journal-slash-sketchbook-slash-therapist’s couch for me.

I have not given up on my dreams of writing and illustrating (or more likely writing and finding an illustrator for) a graphic novel about travel, good food and mutual affinity. Each day my characters’ voices get louder and louder in my head. They are pushing me to action. It will happen!


Check out my new cartoon commentary here.


I love this mug so much. It is my favorite. We met two years ago in New York at the Guggenheim gift shop. Coffee, tea, cocoa, everything tastes so much better in it. And it fits my fingers, perfect. I’m super territorial, super possesive about this mug, and if anyone dare uses it — whoa, whoa, whoa, there will be problems. It’s mine. Not yours. Get your own favorite mug. I’m the one who washes it and places it ever so carefully back on the shelf in the kitchen cabinet. Me. Yea, sometimes I leave it in the car, but it’s resting comfortably on my floor mats, I assure you. Loveyoubabe.


The digital transition era is upon us and so goeth analog. As I always say, out with the old log. In with the new!


Traffic court–the great equalizer.


So. What do you suggest we do to solve this problem?