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These are a few pictures from my séjour in France about a year ago. What can I say, Mecs I miss you much. To all my Mec-a-ronis/Bobby Brown fans, elo! By-the-by, I used the Rex Light typeface/font for these posters. In no way do I pretend to know anything about typography, but I do love the look of these superfine letters. They’re Mec-tas-tic!



“…no two people’s maps will be the same.”
Mary Schmich

it’s map time!

Mom’s words, my design.

Sketchbooks are awesome. Most times for me, they’re filled with graphics. And sometimes they’re filled with lines. Like this verbal doodle I found in an old sketchbook I hadn’t opened in years (well maybe like six months): Sometimes when I get lonely, I email myself. Eh, it’s pretty funny to me. It’s true you know. I’ve done that. At least once. Once upon a time I thought it’d be a good idea to write this comic strip about a girl who lives in a building called the LGC. Yup. The LGC. Brilliant, I know. Perhaps you are forming your own ideas about what these initials stand for. Lonely Girl Complex. Loony Gals Co-Op. Or how ’bout Large Gem Connoisseur? I dunno. Lemme stop.

Anyhoo, if I find more verbal ink splats, I will share them. Not because anyone cares. This blog has lots of readers, 99.25% of which are spambots. But I don’t discriminate. Besides, sharing is what I do. And if nothing else, this blog is like one huge journal-slash-sketchbook-slash-therapist’s couch for me.


This is a sketch I thought about using for my logo in the header. Yes, it’s very literal, but then again, I’ve never been one for subtext and abstract thinking. It’s not my school of thought. I don’t really know what my school of thought is. Oh well, more sketches and drawrings *yes drawRings) to come. My lines are cool though. Not too plump, not too light, clumpy, clunky and all that good stuff.