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These are a few pictures from my séjour in France about a year ago. What can I say, Mecs I miss you much. To all my Mec-a-ronis/Bobby Brown fans, elo! By-the-by, I used the Rex Light typeface/font for these posters. In no way do I pretend to know anything about typography, but I do love the look of these superfine letters. They’re Mec-tas-tic!


Dogs like to bark. They bark when they’re feeling friendly, when they need a good roughhousing, and when people use cute vectors. Have dog? Use vector. Will bark.
“Arf! Arf!” Wow, it really works. I told ya!

Download Zip File Here

I’m trying my hand at vectors now, for the new year. I’ve got to keep busy. For my first vector pack, sans the pack, I took a photo of a napkin dispenser at a famous soda shop here in Memphis, Wiles-Smith Drugs store on Union Ave. Ambrosial vanilla malt there, by the way. I chose a palette of pistachio and cotton candy to mimic the old school soda-fountain vibe. I’ve included an .ai, .pdf, and .eps file for convenience. This vector was created in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Yes, some of us are still using CS3.

If you use this vector in any of your projects please, send a copy to me. I’d love to see how they’re being used, manipulated. I need your feedback. You like or no? C’mon! Don’t make me beg all three of you subscribers out there in blogville. I promise they’ll get better.

Download Zip File Here