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If you’re often tongue-tied like me and use spoonerisms on the daily, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these wallpapers.




Here’s a couple of  240×320 patterned Zune Wallpapers on the house. Just right-click and download.

F is for February. No, F is for frijoles. Zut! I can’t believe 365 days ago I was basking in the Nicaraguan sun, eating frijoles, fried cheese and fish. If you’ve ever been to the land of lakes and volcanoes or you like beans, download any or all of these 1680X1050 desktop calendars for yourself. Oh la la!

The green, por favor

Blue’s looking mighty guapo

Rojo is oh so lovely, I’ll take it

Orange, Spornge

If you have a Zune, screen size 240 x 320, then these are for you. Just right click and download.

Sure these wallpapers are on the simple side. But, it’s 2011! This is the year to finally, simplify. Please friend, enjoy a fresh new 1680 x 1050 wallpaper on the house.

Yeah, blue for me.

Red, thanks!

Here’s an extra one, totally off topic though. But you can handle it. Right?

I want some java.

I know my geometry. You see boys and girls, geometry is all about tangents. And I know my tangents. Tangents are all about touching. And if this 1680×1050 wallpaper touches you, then I’d stoutly suggest you download it.



Tangents touching tangents.

It’s the wave of the future. And it’s time we all caught a ride.

Ohhh. Cylindrical eye-candy.

Meh. Cylinders are so square.

Is nature good to you? If it is, show some appreciation for November. Download these earthy 1680×1050 desktop wallpapers and feel more natural, more natural than you’ve ever felt before. This palette is so … ahhhh, oui.

The one with the girl

Uh, the one without, please.

Steam heat. Need I write more? No, cause I got nothing. While I search for the right words, why don’t you download both of these 1680X1050 wallpapers, while you’re here. I’ll come up with something cheeky to say later. Here’s hoping!

Yellow mellow!

Orange smornge!

Here’s a heart, on the house! To download, click one of the links below, or both, I don’t mind. Have all the heart you can stand.

Red, please

I’m Green with envy

I have a brilliant idea for you. Think of a sculpture, fashioned from a bunch of vintage TV trays stacked a mile high, in an open field. You wait patiently for the next violent electrical storm. When it comes, you visit your sculpture, wait for the first zigzagged discharge of cloud-to-ground lightning to strike your sculpture and then watch the whole thing gloriously burn to a crisp. Sounds like great performance art to me. You should do it. Just don’t stand too close. Well, I mean you could do that, or you could just download one of these three electrifying, totally tubular 1680X1050 desktop wallpapers, without risk of burning yourself and your art to a crisp. Sizzle. Crackle. Fizzzzz.

Gimme the Blue.

Red, for me, please.

I want Green, I guess.

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