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Sweet Trip, this is music of the atmospheric, breezy variety.  Nice and textural.

R & B! I challenge you to a duel.

How tres chic! Serg Gainsbourg chants a woman’s name phonetically in French. Let me try this: kah-haj-ah-ere-ah, tee hee tee hee ahhhh!

You can see a translation here.

Minimalism at its finest from Massive Attack’s latest album, Heligoland.

The perfect marriage: Shins front man James Mercer and Gnarls Barkley’s other half, Dangermouse form the canny indie rock group the Broken Bells.

Sam Sparro and Beni with the gloriously thumpy and palpitating, Maximus.

The Bond girl with killer pipes, Shirley Bassey.

Flawless live performance full of a haunting call-and-response technique, from a master vocalist.

Spreading the gospel of Phoenix everywhere I go. Man, I love this band.

It’s no secret, I like SSPU. Pro’lly shouldn’t, but I do. Maybe because they remind me of, dare I say,  SP. Sorry, but there’s something quite Billy Corganish going on around 3:09.