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These are a few pictures from my séjour in France about a year ago. What can I say, Mecs I miss you much. To all my Mec-a-ronis/Bobby Brown fans, elo! By-the-by, I used the Rex Light typeface/font for these posters. In no way do I pretend to know anything about typography, but I do love the look of these superfine letters. They’re Mec-tas-tic!



“…no two people’s maps will be the same.”
Mary Schmich

it’s map time!

Pas De Probleme

The greenline is special.  But it’s even more special after 3 p.m.  In the late afternoon, the Vollintine and Evergreen stretch of greenline becomes filled with warm sunlight filtering through the trees. Star-shaped honeysuckle petals cover the ground. Distracted children pour out of Snowden Elementary and leave traces of their steps with a trail of flaming-hot Cheetos. And who could miss Rhodes College student Graham Smart’s Big Kids with flower pots sticking out of their heads at the west end of the V&E? Memphis is getting its cool back!

Thanks to the steady revitalization of Broad Avenue and the artistic talents of world recognized French artist Guillaume Alby, Memphis is getting more artsy. If you want to check out Alby’s bold, geometrical work, drive by 2542 Broad Avenue and see some live painting. Alby will be in Memphis for two weeks or so. If vous parlez Français, shout out a ‘Bienvenue’ to Alby, like I did this afternoon. It was a little embarrassing for me (my French is very countrified), but it made him smile.

Here’s a couple of  240×320 patterned Zune Wallpapers on the house. Just right-click and download.