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I have not given up on my dreams of writing and illustrating (or more likely writing and finding an illustrator for) a graphic novel about travel, good food and mutual affinity. Each day my characters’ voices get louder and louder in my head. They are pushing me to action. It will happen!

Steam heat. Need I write more? No, cause I got nothing. While I search for the right words, why don’t you download both of these 1680X1050 wallpapers, while you’re here. I’ll come up with something cheeky to say later. Here’s hoping!

Yellow mellow!

Orange smornge!

Here’s a heart, on the house! To download, click one of the links below, or both, I don’t mind. Have all the heart you can stand.

Red, please

I’m Green with envy

Dogs like to bark. They bark when they’re feeling friendly, when they need a good roughhousing, and when people use cute vectors. Have dog? Use vector. Will bark.
“Arf! Arf!” Wow, it really works. I told ya!

Download Zip File Here