Sketchbooks are awesome. Most times for me, they’re filled with graphics. And sometimes they’re filled with lines. Like this verbal doodle I found in an old sketchbook I hadn’t opened in years (well maybe like six months): Sometimes when I get lonely, I email myself. Eh, it’s pretty funny to me. It’s true you know. I’ve done that. At least once. Once upon a time I thought it’d be a good idea to write this comic strip about a girl who lives in a building called the LGC. Yup. The LGC. Brilliant, I know. Perhaps you are forming your own ideas about what these initials stand for. Lonely Girl Complex. Loony Gals Co-Op. Or how ’bout Large Gem Connoisseur? I dunno. Lemme stop.

Anyhoo, if I find more verbal ink splats, I will share them. Not because anyone cares. This blog has lots of readers, 99.25% of which are spambots. But I don’t discriminate. Besides, sharing is what I do. And if nothing else, this blog is like one huge journal-slash-sketchbook-slash-therapist’s couch for me.